AnimalsBirdsDucks & Geese — Family Anatidae
Wood Duck
Wood Duck —  Aix sponsa [1,2]
Wood Duck
Juvenile Wood Ducks.
Egyptian Goose
Egyptian Goose —  Alopochen aegyptiacus [1]
Dabbling Ducks
Dabbling Ducks — Genus Anas
Greater White-fronted Goose
Greater White-fronted Goose —  Anser albifrons [1,2]
Graylag Goose (domestic)
Graylag Goose (domestic) —  Anser anser [1]
Swan Goose
Swan Goose —  Anser cygnoides [1]
Lesser Scaup
Diving Ducks — Genus Aythya
Canada Goose
Geese — Genus Branta
No image available.
Bufflehead & Goldeneyes — Genus Bucephala
Muscovy Duck
Muscovy Duck —  Cairina moschata [1,2]
Snow Goose
Snow Goose & Ross's Goose — Genus Chen
No image available.
Long-tailed Duck —  Clangula hyemalis [2]
Mute Swan
Swans — Genus Cygnus
No image available.
Whistling-Ducks — Genus Dendrocygna
No image available.
Harlequin Duck —  Histrionicus histrionicus [2]
No image available.
Hooded Merganser —  Lophodytes cucullatus [2]
No image available.
Scoters — Genus Melanitta
No image available.
Mergansers — Genus Mergus
No image available.
Masked Duck —  Nomonyx dominicus [2]
No image available.
Ruddy Duck —  Oxyura jamaicensis [2]
No image available.
Eiders — Genus Somateria
Evidence that species is found in Texas:
  1. Rick's iNaturalist observations, nature observations of Richard K. Murphy. Identifications are not necessarily confirmed by other users.
  2. Texas Bird Records Committee, the committee of the Texas Ornithological Society that maintains the official Texas state list of birds.