AnimalsArthropodsInsectsDragonflies & DamselfliesDragonflies — Suborder Anisoptera
Darners — Family Aeshnidae
Eyes touch in a line. Forewing and hindwing triangles are similar in shape.
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Spiketails — Genus Cordulegaster
Family Cordulegastridae.
Emeralds — Family Corduliidae
Legs on males have tibial keels.
Clubtails — Family Gomphidae
Eyes widely separated. Pterostigma on wings farther towards apex than in petaltails.
Skimmers — Family Libellulidae
Eyes touch in a line. Triangle on forewing is longer (front to back) than it is wide.
Cruisers — Family Macromiidae
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Gray Petaltail —  Tachopteryx thoreyi [1]
Large. Eyes widely separated. Pterostigma is long and black. Flight season Mar-Jun. Family Petaluridae.
Evidence that species is found in Texas:
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