AnimalsBirdsGulls & Waders — Order Charadriiformes
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Double-striped Thick-knee —  Burhinus bistriatus [1]
Family Burhinidae.
Plovers & Killdeer — Family Charadriidae
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American Oystercatcher —  Haematopus palliatus [1]
Family Haematopodidae.
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Northern Jacana —  Jacana spinosa [1]
Family Jacanidae.
Ring-billed Gull
Gulls & Terns — Family Laridae
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Avocets & Stilts — Family Recurvirostridae
Least Sandpiper
Sandpipers — Family Scolopacidae
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Jaegers — Genus Stercorarius
Family Stercorariidae.
Evidence that species is found in Texas:
  1. Texas Bird Records Committee, the committee of the Texas Ornithological Society that maintains the official Texas state list of birds.