AnimalsBirdsDoves — Family Columbidae
Rock Dove
Rock Dove —  Columba livia [1,2]
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Ground-Doves — Genus Columbina
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Passenger Pigeon —  Ectopistes migratorius [2]
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Ruddy Quail-Dove —  Geotrygon montana [2]
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White-tipped Dove —  Leptotila verreauxi [2]
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Pigeons — Genus Patagioenas
Eurasian Collared Dove
Eurasian Collared Dove —  Streptopelia decaocto [1,2]
White-winged Dove
White-winged Dove —  Zenaida asiatica [1,2]
Eyes orange. Wings with white edges. Jan-Dec.
Mourning Dove
Mourning Dove —  Zenaida macroura [1,2]
Eyes black. Wings with black spots.
Evidence that species is found in Texas:
  1. Rick's iNaturalist observations, nature observations of Richard K. Murphy. Identifications are not necessarily confirmed by other users.
  2. Texas Bird Records Committee, the committee of the Texas Ornithological Society that maintains the official Texas state list of birds.