Animals move around and hunt or forage for food.
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Longear Sunfish
Ray-finned Fishes — Class Actinopterygii
Has fins. Covered with scales. Swims.
Amphibians — Class Amphibia
Birds — Class Aves
Wings. Covered with feathers. Flies or walks.
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Lampreys — Genus Ichthyomyzon
Class Cephalaspidomorphi. Family Petromyzontidae.
Eastern Fox Squirrel
Mammals — Class Mammalia
Has a backbone and 4 limbs. Usually has hair. Walks, swims, or flies. Mothers feed their young using their mammary glands.
Reptiles — Class Reptilia
Cold blooded. Covered with scales. Crawls.


Arthropods — Phylum Arthropoda
Animal with an exoskeleton, segmented body, and jointed appendages.
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Marine Moss Animals — Family Vesiculariidae
Phylum Bryozoa. Class Gymnolaemata. Order Ctenostomatida.
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Pleated Sea Squirt —  Styela plicata [1]
Phylum Chordata. Subphylum Urochordata. Class Ascidiacea. Order Pleurogona. Family Styelidae.
Sea Nettle
Jellyfish & Kin — Phylum Cnidaria
Aquatic invertibrates. Mostly marine.
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Sea Walnut —  Beroe ovata
Phylum Ctenophora. Class Nuda. Order Beroida. Family Beroidae.
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Starfish & Sea Urchins — Phylum Echinodermata
Globular Drop
Mollusks — Phylum Mollusca
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Freshwater Sponges — Family Spongillidae
Phylum Porifera. Class Demospongiae. Order Haplosclerida.
Evidence that species is found in Texas:
  1. Identification Guide to Marine Organisms of Texas, Texas A&M University, Galveston Campus.