AnimalsMammals — Class Mammalia
Eastern Fox Squirrel
Sciurus niger
Has a backbone and 4 limbs. Usually has hair. Walks, swims, or flies. Mothers feed their young using their mammary glands.
Even-toed Ungulates — Order Artiodactyla
Toes are hoofed.
Carnivores — Order Carnivora
You were expecting a photo of a lion?
Eastern Pipistrelle
Bats — Order Chiroptera
The only flying mammals.
Virgina Opossum
Virgina Opossum —  Didelphis virginiana [1]
Our only native marsupial. Order Didelphimorphia.
No image available.
Shrews & Moles — Order Insectivora
Mostly small and nocturnal. Teeth have red tips.
Rabbits — Family Leporidae
Rabbits have two pairs of upper incisors, for a total of six incisors. Order Lagomorpha.
Eastern Fox Squirrel
Rodents — Order Rodentia
Incisors have a yellow enamel. Rodents have a total of four incisors.
Nine-banded Armadillo
Nine-banded Armadillo —  Dasypus novemcinctus [1]
No need to count the bands. This is our only member of the order Xenarthra.
Evidence that species is found in Texas:
  1. The Mammals of Texas, Online edition of the book by William B. Davis and David J. Schmidly. Hosted by Texas Tech University. Distribution maps show both confirmed records and general range.