AnimalsMammalsRodents — Order Rodentia
Eastern Fox Squirrel
Sciurus niger
Incisors have a yellow enamel. Rodents have a total of four incisors.
American Beaver
American Beaver —  Castor canadensis [1]
Colonies of 6+. Burrow in river banks. Family Castoridae.
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Porcupine —  Erethizon dorsatum [1]
Family Erethizontidae.
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Pocket Gophers — Family Geomyidae
Has external cheek pouches. Front feet much larger than hind feet.
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Pocket Mice & Kangaroo Rats — Family Heteromyidae
Has external cheek pouches. Hind feet much larger than front feet.
Roof Rat
Mice & Rats — Family Muridae
Nutria —  Myocastor coypus [1,2,3]
Looks like beaver with rat tail. Semiaquatic, nocturnal. Family Myocastoridae.
Eastern Fox Squirrel
Squirrels — Family Sciuridae
Evidence that species is found in Texas:
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