I am an amateur photographer and naturalist. I like to photograph and identify plants and animals living in Texas. The task of identification is greatly simplified when a local checklist is available. Sometimes the information exists but the local county data needs to be extracted from range maps, tables, or online databases. Over the past few years I have gathered Collin County species lists for a number of organisms and managed to identify some of them in pictures. Now I am extending my range to include all things living wild in the state of Texas.

Texas Nature is a venue for showing off some photographs and organizing information on local nature. I have created this web site to assist in my own identification of species, and I hope it will help others as well. Here are some ways you can assist with this project. Each species listed on these pages comes with at least one reference. The authors behind the references put in a lot of hard work to publish information on plants and animals of Texas, and deserve all due credit. Evidence also comes from online community sources like iNaturalist.org and BugGuide.net, whose users range from professional to amateur (like me). If it is important to confirm that a species lives in the area, it should be possible to trace it back to the original reference.

Best regards,
--- Rick Murphy