PlantsFlowering PlantsCatalpa Family — Family Bignoniaceae
Tree, shrub, or woody vine. Flowers large and showy with 2 or 4 stamens.
Common Trumpet-creeper
Common Trumpet-creeper —  Campsis radicans [1,2]
Vine. Leaves opposite, pinnately compound, toothed. Flowering Jun-Aug.
Northern Catalpa
Catalpa — Genus Catalpa
Tree. Leaves simple, opposite or in a whorl of three. Uppermost leaves are alternate. Leaf margin entire.
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Crossvine —  Bignonia capreolata [1]
Desert Willow
Desert Willow — Genus Chilopsis
Tree or shrub. Leaves simple, willow-like. The leaves may be opposite or alternate. Leaf margin entire. Flowers large and showy.
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Catclawvine —  Macfadyena unguis-cati [1]
Yellow Trumpetbush
Yellow Trumpetbush —  Tecoma stans [1]
Tree or shrub.
Evidence that species is found in Texas:
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  2. Rick's iNaturalist observations, nature observations of Richard K. Murphy. Identifications are not necessarily confirmed by other users.