PlantsFlowering PlantsPecans & WalnutsHickory — Genus Carya
Carya illinoinensis
Nut producing trees. Pith of twigs is not chambered. Leaves alternate, pinnately compound. Leaflet margins are finely toothed. Male flowers in catkins.
Mockernut Hickory
Mockernut Hickory —  Carya alba [1]
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Water Hickory —  Carya aquatica [1]
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Bitternut Hickory —  Carya cordiformis [1]
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Pignut Hickory —  Carya glabra [1]
Pecan —  Carya illinoinensis [1,2]
Leaflets 9-17, curved. Flowering Apr.
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Shellbark Hickory —  Carya laciniosa [1]
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Nutmeg Hickory —  Carya myristiciformis [1]
Leaflets 5-9, silvery scales on lower surfaces. Flowering Apr.
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Shagbark Hickory —  Carya ovata [1]
Black Hickory
Black Hickory —  Carya texana [1,2]
Leaflets 7 (or 5). Flowering Apr.
Evidence that species is found in Texas:
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  2. Rick's iNaturalist observations, nature observations of Richard K. Murphy. Identifications are not necessarily confirmed by other users.