PlantsFlowering PlantsMorning-glories & relatives — Family Convolvulaceae
Vines. Leaves alternate. Leaf margins entire. Flower petals united, sepals separate. Cuscuta is a leafless parasite. This family now includes Cuscutaceae.
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Lady's Nightcap — Genus Bonamia
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False Bindweed — Genus Calystegia
Texas Bindweed
Bindweeds — Genus Convolvulus
Leaves simple.
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Alkaliweed — Genus Cressa
Dodder — Genus Cuscuta
Leafless parasite.
Ponysfoot — Genus Dichondra
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Dwarf Morning-glory — Genus Evolvulus
Wild Morning-glory
Morning-glory — Genus Ipomoea
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Hairy Clustervine —  Jacquemontia tamnifolia [1]
Noyau Vine
Woodrose — Genus Merremia
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Tansyleaf Lidpod —  Operculina pinnatifida [1]
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Dawnflower — Genus Stylisma
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Christmasvine —  Turbina corymbosa [1]
Evidence that species is found in Texas:
  1. USDA Plants Database, advanced search for Texas plants from the United States Department of Agriculture.