PlantsFlowering PlantsLegumes — Family Fabaceae
Tree, shrub, vine, or herb. Leaves alternate, compound (simple in Cercis). 5 sepals. Fruit is a legume.
Eastern Redbud
Caesalpinioideae — Subfamily Caesalpinioideae
Leaves alternate, compound (simple in Cercis). Flowers bilaterally symmetrical. Petals 5, distinct. Stamens 5 or 10.
Roemer's Sensitive-briar
Mimosa & relatives — Subfamily Mimosoideae
Leaves alternate, twice pinnately compound. Flowers radially symmetrical. 5x stamens extending beyond the inconspicous petals.
Texas Bluebonnet
Papilionoidae — Subfamily Papilionoidae
Leaves alternate, once-pinnately compound or palmately compound. Flowers bilaterally symmetrical. 3 separate petals and 2 fused petals.