PlantsFlowering PlantsHolly — Genus Ilex
Small tree or shrub. Leaves alternate, simple. The fruit is a red or orange berry. Family Aquifoliaceae.
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Carolina Holly —  Ilex ambigua [1]
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Dahoon —  Ilex cassine [1]
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Large Gallberry —  Ilex coriacea [1]
Possumhaw —  Ilex decidua [1,2,3]
Tree. Leaves alternate, simple, wavy toothed. Fruit is a red or orange berry, small and drupe-like, with 4 stones. Bright fruits remain on branches in the winter after leaves have fallen. Flowering Mar-May.
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Inkberry —  Ilex glabra [1]
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Georgia Holly —  Ilex longipes [1]
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Myrtle Dahoon —  Ilex myrtifolia [1]
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American Holly —  Ilex opaca [1]
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Common Winterberry —  Ilex verticillata [1]
Yaupon —  Ilex vomitoria [1]
Evidence that species is found in Texas:
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