PlantsFlowering PlantsMint Family — Family Lamiaceae
Herbs with square stems. Leaves opposite, simple. Flowers bilaterally symmetrical (almost radially symmetrical in Cunila and Lycopus). 2 or 4 stamens.
Giant Hyssop
Giant Hyssop — Genus Agastache
No image available.
Common Bugle —  Ajuga reptans [1]
Flowers with only the bottom lip conspicuous, blue to purple.
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Brazos-mint — Genus Brazoria
No image available.
Clinopodium — Genus Clinopodium
No image available.
Common Dittany —  Cunila origanoides [1]
Perennial herb, glabrous, woody base. Flowers nearly radially symmetrical, purple to white. Stamens 2. Flowering Sep-Oct.
No image available.
Ground Ivy —  Glechoma hederacea [1]
Reverchon's False Pennyroyal
False Pennyroyal — Genus Hedeoma
Small herbs, aromatic, pubescent. Leaves with short petioles. Margins entire or with indistinct teeth.
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Clustered Bushmint —  Hyptis alata [1]
Dead-nettles — Genus Lamium
Leaf margins toothed. Flowers purplish. Stamens 4, fertile.
No image available.
Christmas Candlestick —  Leonotis nepetifolia [1]
No image available.
Motherwort — Genus Leonurus
Stem leaves lobed. Flowers bilabiate. Calyces ribbed. Stamens 4 fertile.
No image available.
Waterhorehound — Genus Lycopus
Flowers white, small, in axillary clusters. Fertile stamens 2.
No image available.
Common Horehound —  Marrubium vulgare [1]
Leaves lobed. Flowers white, maybe with rosy dots, in axillary clusters. Flowering Apr-Jul(+).
No image available.
Mint — Genus Mentha
Leaves toothed, aromatic. Flowers small. Stamens 4.
No image available.
Shellflower —  Moluccella laevis [1]
Lemon Beebalm
Beebalm — Genus Monarda
No image available.
Catnip —  Nepeta cataria [1]
No image available.
Beefsteakplant —  Perilla frutescens [1]
No image available.
Lionsheart — Genus Physostegia
Erect and glabrous. Upper leaves sessile, toothed, slightly clasping. Calyces with 5 lobes. Flowers lavender, violet, or white.
No image available.
Rosemary-mint — Genus Poliomintha
Common Selfheal
Common Selfheal —  Prunella vulgaris [1,2]
Leaf margins entire or indistinctly toothed. Flowers violet/lavender/white. Flowering Apr-May.
No image available.
Mountainmint — Genus Pycnanthemum
No image available.
Sandmint — Genus Rhododon
No image available.
Rosemary —  Rosmarinus officinalis [1]
No image available.
Mexican Bladdersage —  Salazaria mexicana [1]
Mealy Sage
Sage — Genus Salvia
Leaves often aromatic. Stamens 2.
Heartleaf Skullcap
Skullcap — Genus Scutellaria
Leaves not aromatic. Calyces (fused sepals) with obvious projection on one side. Flowers blue, purple, or violet (rarely white). Stamens 4.
No image available.
Hairy Ironwort —  Sideritis lanata [1]
No image available.
Hedgenettle — Genus Stachys
Stamens 4.
American Germander
Germander — Genus Teucrium
Flowers with only the bottom lip conspicuous. Stamens 4.
No image available.
Bluecurls — Genus Trichostema
Leaves entire or irregularly serrate. Stamens 4.
Prairie Brazosmint
Prairie Brazosmint —  Warnockia scutellarioides [1]
Evidence that species is found in Texas:
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  2. Rick's iNaturalist observations, nature observations of Richard K. Murphy. Identifications are not necessarily confirmed by other users.