PlantsFlowering PlantsOlive FamilyPrivet — Genus Ligustrum
Tree or shrub. Leaves opposite, simple. Leaf margins entire. Flowers 4-lobed. Fruit is a small drupe. These are all very aggressive invaders.
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Amur Privet —  Ligustrum amurense [1]
Japanese Ligustrum
Japanese Ligustrum —  Ligustrum japonicum [1,2]
Shrub. Leaves 2-4", thick, leathery, rigid, snap when bent. Flowering Jun-Jul.
Glossy Privet
Glossy Privet —  Ligustrum lucidum [1,2]
Tree. Leaves 3-6", shiny, flexible, bend without breaking. Flowering late summer.
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California Privet —  Ligustrum ovalifolium [1]
Quihou's Privet
Quihou's Privet —  Ligustrum quihoui [1,2]
Shrub. Leaves with very short petioles. Flowering May-Jul.
Chinese Privet
Chinese Privet —  Ligustrum sinense [1,2,3]
Shrub. Leaves with short petioles. Flowering Apr-May.
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European Privet —  Ligustrum vulgare [1]
Evidence that species is found in Texas:
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