PlantsFlowering PlantsMulberry FamilyMulberries — Genus Morus
Trees. Leaves alternate, simple. Leaf margins toothed or lobed.
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White Mulberry —  Morus alba [1]
Leaves smooth on both sides. Flowering Apr. Fruit is white or pink.
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Texas Mulberry —  Morus microphylla [1]
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Black Mulberry —  Morus nigra [1]
Red Mulberry
Red Mulberry —  Morus rubra [1,2]
Leaves 3-5", rough hairy on top, soft hairy below. Margins coarsely toothed. Twigs tinged red. Flowering Mar-Apr.
Evidence that species is found in Texas:
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  2. Rick's iNaturalist observations, nature observations of Richard K. Murphy. Identifications are not necessarily confirmed by other users.