PlantsFerns — Class Polypodiopsida
Kunth's Maiden Fern
Thelypteris kunthii
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Mexican Fern —  Anemia mexicana [1,2,3]
Family Anemiaceae.
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Spleenworts — Genus Asplenium
Family Aspleniaceae.
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Mosquito Ferns — Genus Azolla
Family Azollaceae.
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Hammock Ferns & Chain Ferns — Family Blechnaceae
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Bracken Ferns — Family Dennstaedtiaceae
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Wood Fern Family — Family Dryopteridaceae
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Japanese Climbing Fern —  Lygodium japonicum [1,3]
Family Lygodiaceae.
Large-foot Pepperwort
Pepperworts & Pillworts — Family Marsileaceae
Habitat aquatic or wet. Leaves clover-like or thread-like.
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Adder's-tongues & Grape Ferns — Family Ophioglossaceae
Stems with one or two leaves. Leaf blades simple in Ophioglossum.
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Cinnamon Fern & Royal Fern — Genus Osmunda
Family Osmundaceae.
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Watersprite —  Ceratopteris thalictroides [1,3]
Family Parkeriaceae.
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Scaly Polypody — Genus Pleopeltis
Family Polypodiaceae.
Wavy Scaly Cloakfern
Maidenhairs & Cloak Ferns — Family Pteridaceae
Kunth's Maiden Fern
Beechferns & Swordferns — Family Thelypteridaceae
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Watermoss — Genus Salvinia
Family Salviniaceae.
Evidence that species is found in Texas:
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