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Chickasaw Plum
Prunus angustifolia
Tree or shrub. Leaves alternate, simple. Flowers with 5 petals and many stamens, superior ovary, 1 style. Fruit is a drupe with a single stone.
Chickasaw Plum
Chickasaw Plum —  Prunus angustifolia [1,2]
Shrub, only rarely a small tree to 4m tall. Usually in thickets. Mature leaves folded, 2-6(-8)cm long, 1-2cm wide. Flowers 2-4 per umbel. Petals 3-7mm long, white. Pedicels 2-6mm. Flowering Feb-Apr. Fruits red ripening to yellow in late summer, 2-2.5cm long.
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Carolina Laurelcherry —  Prunus caroliniana [1]
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European Plum —  Prunus domestica [1]
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Oklahoma Plum —  Prunus gracilis [1]
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Havard's Plum —  Prunus havardii [1]
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Hortulan Plum —  Prunus hortulana [1]
Mexican Plum
Mexican Plum —  Prunus mexicana [1,2,3]
Tree to 12m tall. Usually solitary. Common. Mature leaves toothed, 3-6cm wide. Flowers in clusters of 2-4(-6), appearing before or with leaves. Petals 7-11mm long, white. Pedicels 6-11(-13)mm. Calyx densely pubescent inside and less so outside. Flowering Feb-Apr. Fruit in clusters.
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Texas Almond —  Prunus minutiflora [1]
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Wildgoose Plum —  Prunus munsoniana [1,3]
Shrub or tree to 10m tall. Usually in thickets. Rare. Mature leaves (6-)7-10cm long. Petals 3-7mm long, white to pinkish. Pedicels 5-15mm. Flowering Mar. Fruit ripens to yellow. Apparently there are only two known trees in Collin County, growing in a thicket with P. rivularis, and even that is questioned.
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Murray's Plum —  Prunus murrayana [1]
Peach —  Prunus persica [1,2]
Tree. Usually solitary. Petals 15-25mm long, pink to red. Ovary hairy. Flowering Mar-Apr. Fruits 5-8cm in diameter, velvety.
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Thicket Plum —  Prunus rivularis [1]
Shrub. Usually in thickets. Mature leaves folded, 5-6(-7)cm long, (1.5-)2-4cm wide. Flowers in clusters of 2-4(-8), appearing with leaves. Petals 3-7mm long, white to pinkish. Pedicels 5-15mm. Flowering Feb-Apr. Fruits yellow with/or red, 1.3-2cm long.
Black Cherry
Black Cherry —  Prunus serotina [1,2]
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Peachbush —  Prunus texana [1]
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Flatwood Plum —  Prunus umbellata [1,3]
Tree. Usually solitary. Rare. Mature leaves 4-7(-7.5)cm long, less than 3(-3.5)cm wide. Leaf margins finely serrate. Petals 7-11mm, white to pinkish. Pedicels 9-17mm. Calyx densely pubescent inside and sparsely outside. Flowering Feb-Apr. Fruit ripens to purple.
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Chokecherry —  Prunus virginiana [1]
Evidence that species is found in Texas:
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