PlantsFlowering PlantsButtercups Family — Family Ranunculaceae
Herb or vine. Many stamens.
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Blooddrops —  Adonis annua [1]
Ten-petal Anemone
Anemone — Genus Anemone
Golden Columbine
Columbine — Genus Aquilegia
Leather Flower — Genus Clematis
Vine. Leaves opposite, pinnately compound. Sepals 4(-6), petal like, petals absent.
Rocket Larkspur
Knight's-spur — Genus Consolida
Prairie Larkspur
Larkspur — Genus Delphinium
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Eastern False Rue Anemone —  Enemion biternatum [1]
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Tiny Mousetail —  Myosurus minimus [1]
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Eastern Pasqueflower —  Pulsatilla patens [1]
Buttercup — Genus Ranunculus
Sepals 3-5. Petals yellow or rarely green.
Purple Meadow-rue
Meadow-rue — Genus Thalictrum
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Yellowroot —  Xanthorhiza simplicissima [1]
Evidence that species is found in Texas:
  1. USDA Plants Database, advanced search for Texas plants from the United States Department of Agriculture.