PlantsFlowering PlantsRose Family — Family Rosaceae
Tree, shrub, or herb. Leaves alternate. Flowers with 5 petals and many stamens.
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Agrimony — Genus Agrimonia
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Serviceberry — Genus Amelanchier
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Slender Parsley Piert —  Aphanes microcarpa [1]
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Red Chokeberry —  Aronia arbutifolia [1]
Synonym: Photinia pyrifolia.
Alderleaf Mountain Mahogany
Mountain Mahogany — Genus Cercocarpus
Tree. Leaves alternate, simple, toothed.
Hawthorns — Genus Crataegus
Tree, usually with thorns. Leaves simple, toothed. Flowers with 2 or more styles. Fruit is a pome.
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Indian Strawberry —  Duchesnea indica [1]
Apache Plume
Apache Plume —  Fallugia paradoxa [1]
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Strawberry — Genus Fragaria
White Avens
Avens — Genus Geum
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American Ipecac —  Gillenia stipulata [1]
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Rockspirea —  Holodiscus dumosus [1]
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Southern False Serviceberry —  Malacomeles denticulata [1]
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Apples — Genus Malus
Small tree. Leaves alternate, simple.
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Mat Rockspirea —  Petrophytum caespitosum [1]
Taiwanese Photinia
Taiwanese Photinia —  Photinia serratifolia [2,3]
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Mountain Ninebark —  Physocarpus monogynus [1]
Mock Strawberry
Cinquefoil — Genus Potentilla
Chickasaw Plum
Plums & Peach — Genus Prunus
Tree or shrub. Leaves simple. Flowers with one style. Fruit is a drupe with a single stone.
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Heath Cliffrose —  Purshia ericifolia [1]
Firethorn — Genus Pyracantha
Callery Pear
Pears — Genus Pyrus
Tree. Leaves alternate, simple.
Climbing Prairie Rose
Roses — Genus Rosa
Leaves pinnately compound, toothed. Flowers white or pink.
Southern Dewberry
Dewberry — Genus Rubus
Leaves pinnately compound. 3 leaflets. Flowers white.
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Prairie Burnet —  Sanguisorba annua [1]
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Slimleaf Rosewood —  Vauquelinia corymbosa [1]
Evidence that species is found in Texas:
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