PlantsFlowering PlantsSoapberry Family — Family Sapindaceae
Leaves compound. This family now includes Aceraceae and Hippocastanaceae.
Maples — Genus Acer
Ohio Buckeye
Buckeye — Genus Aesculus
Tree. Leaves opposite, palmately compound.
Common Balloonvine
Balloonvine — Genus Cardiospermum
Leaves alternate, compound.
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Koelreuteria — Genus Koelreuteria
Western Soapberry
Western Soapberry — Genus Sapindus
Tree. Leaves alternate, compound. Leaflets 4-19 alternating on stalk. Leaflets entire, or nearly so. Flowering May-Jun.
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Slipplejack — Genus Serjania
Mexican-buckeye — Genus Ungnadia
Tree. Leaves alternate, compound. Flowering Apr.
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Apaac —  Urvillea ulmacea [1]
Evidence that species is found in Texas:
  1. USDA Plants Database, advanced search for Texas plants from the United States Department of Agriculture.