PlantsFlowering PlantsFigwort Family — Family Scrophulariaceae
Stamens usually 2 or 4 (5 in Verbascum). Fruit is a capsule with many seeds. This family now includes Buddlejaceae. Many plants previously in this family were moved to Orobanchaceae and Plantaginaceae.
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Butterflybush — Genus Buddleja
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Goatweed —  Capraria biflora [1]
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Emorybush —  Emorya suaveolens [1]
Texas Barometer Bush
Barometerbush — Genus Leucophyllum
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False Pimpernel — Genus Lindernia
Leaves opposite. Now in family Linderniaceae.
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Carpenter's Square —  Scrophularia marilandica [1]
Leaves opposite, simple.
Common Mullein
Mullein — Genus Verbascum
Leaves alternate. Flowers rotate, slightly bilateral, yellow to white. 5 stamens.
Evidence that species is found in Texas:
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