PlantsFlowering PlantsMonocotsGreenbrier — Genus Smilax
Vine. Leaves alternate, simple. 3 petals, 3 sepals. Fruit a dark berry with 1-3 seeds.
Catbrier —  Smilax bona-nox [1,2,3]
Prickles are like thorns.
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Cat Greenbrier —  Smilax glauca [1]
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Blue Ridge Carrionflower —  Smilax lasioneura [1]
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Laurel Greenbrier —  Smilax laurifolia [1]
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Sarsparilla Vine —  Smilax pumila [1]
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Kidneyleaf Greenbrier —  Smilax renifolia [1]
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Roundleaf Greenbrier —  Smilax rotundifolia [1]
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Lanceleaf Greenbrier —  Smilax smallii [1]
Bristle Greenbrier
Bristle Greenbrier —  Smilax tamnoides [1,2]
Prickles are like bristles.
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Coral Greenbrier —  Smilax walteri [1]
Evidence that species is found in Texas:
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